Coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) is a standard surgical procedure for treating blocked or narrowed arteries in the heart. The surgeon takes a healthy blood vessel from elsewhere in the body and attaches it to the artery after the blockage to create a detour for blood flow. 这通常是通过开胸手术完成的, in which the surgeon has to make a large incision and cut through the breastbone to access the heart. The patient is placed on a heart-lung bypass machine during the operation while the heart is temporarily stopped. 冠状动脉搭桥术可以有效地改善血液流向心脏, 但是,严格, risks and long recovery time of open-heart surgery mean it's not an option for the many heart disease patients who are elderly, 身体虚弱或有其他健康问题.

现在还有另一种选择: 微创介入治疗. The surgeon accesses the heart through a small incision between the ribs without having to cut bones. 没有必要让病人的心脏停止跳动, 大多数病人不需要使用心肺搭桥机. 这种方法和传统方法一样有效, 但恢复的时间要快得多, 并发症的风险更低, 更少的痛苦和疤痕.

Reflecting our cardiac care team's expertise with minimally invasive techniques, UCSF is the only medical center in California offering 微创介入治疗. In fact, we provide minimally invasive options for a number of different cardiac procedures.